Sunday, March 1, 2015

Can Money Buy Happiness and Love

Money, love and happiness – 3 very simple words to live for and to die for.

Can money buy happiness and love?  Yes and no, it all depends on how you define love and happiness.  It also depends on how you make use of money.

Imagine bringing your children to the Disneyland.  Can you see how happy your children are? 

Why are they so happy?  The answer is that you have used money to buy happiness for them.  

Without money, there will be no trip to Disneyland. Your children will not experience the happiness of being in the land of magic.

For many years after the trip, you and your children will feel happy whenever memory of the happy times is aroused.  How powerful money is!  The money is used to show your love, buy happiness for your children, and buy memories to last forever.  The money used is well spent.  

So yes, money can buy happiness and money can indirectly buy love.  Your children do love you more, because they can feel your love through your use of money.

On the other hand, you love your children even before they come into this world.  When they enter this world, they do not bring along any money with them.  They did not and still do not use money to buy your love. 

You did love them, you still do, and you always will love them, regardless of their material wealth.

No stranger can offer you a million or even a billion dollars to make you love them with the kind of love that you have for your children.  It just is not possible to use money to buy parental love.

Love and happiness cannot be seen, cannot be touched, cannot be quantified and cannot be materialized.  Love and happiness have to express through money.

Why does a man buy a diamond for a woman?  It is to express his love for her.  It is also to make her happy.  Love is expressed through money.  Happiness is bought by money.

Why do you work hard to earn money?  It is because you love and are loved by your family.  You want your family to live happily.  You want your family to be free of worries.

It is also because you fear you will lose the love and respect of your family if you have no money.  In your heart of hearts, you are afraid that your wife will leave you, your children will hate you when you have no money. 

After all, families do break up from lack of money.  No money, no love, no happiness.  It is a cruel fact of life.  While you may say in a loud and clear voice that money cannot buy happiness and love, you also know that lack of money can kill any happiness and love in your family.

Can money buy happiness and love?  Whatever your answer is, you will agree that you live for money, love and happiness.  Take any of the 3 out of your life, you will find it impossible to look forward to another day.

So folks, enjoy living.  Enjoy having plenty of money, lots of love and great happiness. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015


What is Outsourcing?  Simply stated, outsourcing means to pay others to do the work that we used to do[1].

Individual and corporate outsource all the time.  For example, you pay for the service of babysitter to take care of your kids for a couple of hours tonight.  That is outsourcing of childcare service.

A company may opt to outsource functions such as IT support, accounting support, security services etc.

Why do we outsource?  Why do we buy services?

There are many reasons, some of the reasons as below:

  1. We are not able to do it better, so it’s better to let the service provider does it.
  2. We need to free ourselves to do some other things.
  3. We can afford to!
  4. It is cheaper to buy the service than to do it ourselves.  For example, the hourly rate of a busy Executive is so high that it is better for him/her to hire a housekeeper.

These are the reasons that corporate and individual outsource.  Many of the reasons we as individuals give for outsourcing are the same reasons that corporate gave. 

But why do we view outsourcing so negatively?  It is due to the fact that many of our jobs go to the developing countries as a result of corporate outsourcing.

As individual, when we outsource, we provide employment to the babysitter, barber, part time help etc.  All these are folks that reside in the same country as us. 

However, when corporate outsource, the jobs are gone from our countries to the third world countries.  In our heart of hearts, we know that the jobs gone from our land will probably never come back.  We resent the fact that folks in the poorer countries are able to do a better job than us, and at a cheaper rate.

Outsourcing is trend that will continue.  As long as there are people able to do our jobs and get lesser salary than us, companies will outsource the jobs to them.

Unfortunately, we are not able to outsource bodily functions such as sleeping and eating.  How nice it will be if we are to do so. 

Imagine paying just 10 bucks to the guy in the third world country to replenish our 8 hours sleep.  The guy will have to sleep 16 hours a day, including 8 hours of sleep for us while we enjoy ourselves 24 hours or work 24 hours to earn more money.

Imagine also that we eat all we can, and outsource the digestive systems to the folks in third world countries.  How nice to keep on eating and eating and never get fat, just because the extra calories go to the folks in third world countries.  It will save us the pain of going through the weight loss program.