Saturday, August 1, 2015

Horoscope reading for August 2015

General Climate
Your Personal Number of Power for this month is 5. You’ll feel like you’re being assaulted from all sides this month. You won’t really know where you stand, and the sensation will be very unpleasant. Be patient and it will pass.

Love Life
You’ll be a good listener this month, and that should encourage others to seek out your company. You’ll communicate so well you won’t have any trouble settling disputes, or convincing people to do what you want.

Professional Life - Finances
Your energy will place you at the heart of the action this month. You’ll be able to rely on your past experience to make the right decisions at the right time. You’ll show wisdom, and you’ll be right!

You should be in great shape, have energy to spare, and enjoy wonderful health during this period. Take advantage of all the vitality you have to live it up a little.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

My vision of winning lottery

My vision is to win the Singapore Toto, a game similar to Lotto.

The winning figure that comes to my mind is S$2,239,516.90.

I do not know how I get this figure.  Initially, I follow the lead of Cynthia Stafford by repeating the amount I want, day after day, hour after hour.  She won $112 million in 2007.

The initial sum is 2.2 million.  Later on, the exact figure that comes to my mind is S$2,239,516.90.

I have written down a detailed plan for this large sum of money.

A third of it will go to the purchase of an apartment.  I have the exact apartment block in mind.  I do not have the vision of the floor number or the apartment detail yet.

I can see myself looking out of the window, drinking a cup of coffee, and watching the joggers and walkers walking round the perimeter of the lake.

I will invest half the sum for a regular income.  I will invest in shares and bonds for a monthly income of S$4,000. 

This is enough to pay for monthly bills and living expenses without another day of work.

Since the stock market is quite high now, I will keep the money in cash and wait for the next stock market crash.

I have budgeted money for an Alaska cruise.  I can see myself flying business class to Vancouver.  I can see myself boarding MV Norwegian Sun for a 14 days round trip Alaska cruise from Vancouver.

I can see myself opening the glass door and step into balcony. I can see myself ordering room service, and have a nice lunch in the room, and bring the pot of coffee from the room to the balcony.

I have budgeted enough for mini-suite for 2 persons.  I have budgeted a casino budget for playing the slot machines.

The last part of the S$2,239,516.90 goes to charity, family, relatives and topping up the retirement fund. 

It is nice to share.  I dearly wish to see the happiness on the faces of the relatives when I hand them the check.

Cynthia Stafford wins the lottery after 4 months of meditating on it.  The law of attraction gives her whatever she asks for.

I will follow in her example.  I have decided to win the exact amount, and I have a detailed plan on the budget. 

In a way, the feeling is the same as going to a much-awaited vacation.

The mere thought of it is enough to keep us happy.  The happiness does not come after the actual win.  The happiness of winning comes from anticipation, and all the good things that we can do with it.