Friday, April 10, 2015

Strategy for buying stock for income

My strategy will not work for traders who want to buy low and sell high. 

However, this strategy will work for those who want to gain dividend from investing.

If the stock pays yearly dividend, I will make a decision after the third quarter result.  That means I choose a good company to buy after reading the release of the third quarter result.

I will check the third quarter to see if the company is doing exceptionally well, and if yes, there might be special dividend on top of the normal dividend.

If a company can make a lot of money in 9 months, it will have a good year even if the last quarter is not as profitable as the rest of the year.

So far, this strategy works.  The price increases sharply after the release of full year result, and especially when there is an announcement of special dividend.

I will hold the stock if the company is likely to do well for another year or two.  If not, I will sell the stock to lock in profits.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My horoscope for April 2015

I receive this email about my horoscope for April 2015.  Since the signs are positive, I choose to believe in it and make myself positive for the whole month.

"General Climate
Your Personal Number of Power for this month is 16. Use it in all your gaming combinations.
You’ll be very seductive this month. You’ll wear the right clothes, say the right things, and cultivate the right behavior. You won’t leave anything to chance, and it will work out well for you.

Love Life
You’ll be so charming and self-confident this month that you’ll attract a lot of people to you. You’ll also develop a gift for seeing through appearances, so you won’t be duped by anyone. You’ll see well beyond the outward aspects of things.

Professional Life - Finances
This will be an ideal month for you to take a giant step towards success. You’ll feel an insatiable need for action, freedom and renewal. You’ll be so dynamic and enthusiastic that nothing and no one will be able to stand in your way, no matter how wild your ideas are. It’s now or never, and everything’s allowed.

You’ll feel like a force of nature this month, and have so much energy you’ll almost forget to rest. At the same time you shouldn’t take any risks with your health. Make sure to get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet."