Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Are you sure Friday the thirteenth is my lucky day?

Seems strange to receive an email to say that Friday, the thirteenth is my lucky day.


Oh yes, this you must remember. On Friday, the thirteenth day of the month of November… you have a rendezvous, you and six other people, following some very exceptional circumstances, to receive a profusion of wonderful things being offered to you by Destiny (starting with a large amount of cash).

And to all those things I decided to add a personal present you absolutely need: a secret object that will become so indispensable to you at each and every instant of your life that it will never leave your side!

My message explains why and how all this is happening, why and how certain dates are going to mark a turning point in your life, and why and how, starting today, you and you alone, xx, are going to decide to extricate yourself from a difficult, dismal life, and finally experience one that is comprised only of Happiness and daily pleasure.

A Happy, comfortable and easy life: those are my three wishes for you, xx.

You’re always in my thoughts."

And, of course, to get this "secret object" to unlock the money, I have to first pay $14.95!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Horoscope for October 2015

General Climate
Your Personal Number of Power for this month is 44. Use it in all your gaming combinations.
You’ll be bolder than usual this month, and you'll eliminate the word "shy" from your vocabulary. Your desire for fulfillment will reach its zenith, and you’ll try to surpass yourself in everything you do.

Love Life
You may be a little hot-tempered this month. You won’t appreciate it when someone tells you what to do, and you won’t hesitate to express your displeasure. Just be careful about not confusing personal affirmation with rudeness.

Professional Life - Finances
Your sense of originality, combined with your personal discipline, will work wonders for you. You’ll work very hard and create a positive impression on colleagues and associates.

You’re still hesitating between a traditional approach to stay in shape, and something new and alternative. Take the time to consider all the possibilities, and don’t reject anything until you’ve tried it for yourself.