Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fast Food is slowly killing us

Many people know that fast food is not the best kind of nutritious source. In fact, fast food is killing us. Fast food does not kill us fast. Fast food kills us slowly, causing all the chronic health problems before releasing us in death.

The attraction of fast food is the speed and service of the fast food restaurants. You do not have to wait a long time for your burgers or fried chicken wings. Fast food restaurants do provide the food fast, and with reasonably good customer service.

However, the nutritious value is seriously lacking in fast food. A set meal with upsize soft drinks and French fries has too many empty calories (from sugar), and too much saturated fats.

While eating fast food is an enjoyable experience in the clean and nice fast food restaurant, the price of eating too much fast food is the cost of our health, and the loss of ability to enjoy life fully in old age.

Many people enjoy fast food, without thinking that fast food is slowly killing them. They do not believe that humble burgers, with upsize soft drinks, and French fries can kill. They have to consume fast food for many years before coming to the realization that fast food does kill, and fast food kills slowly. By the time they come to their senses, it is too late.

Their health conditions are so bad that they have to pop pills for the rest of their lives. They cannot blame the fast food restaurants. Fast food restaurants do not hire people to hold a gun to their heads and force them to consume fast food every day. They make their choices, and they refuse to accept evidence that fast food is junk food. Now they have to live with the consequences of ill health due to their love of fast food.

Some fast food restaurants do offer healthy food. However, healthy food such as salad does not sell well, since people do not come to fast food restaurants to eat salad. So folks, if you suffer from ill health later on in your life, blame yourself, do not blame the fast food restaurants. After all, you live in a free country. You live in a country of abundance, and you choose to eat fast food regularly.

Fast food should not be our meal of choice, and should not be our regular dining choices. Do remember that fast food kills slowly, whenever you are tempted to eat fast food or upsize your meal.

Try to widen your choice of selections, to include healthier food. Try to limit visit to fast food restaurant to just a couple of times per month. Do not think of eating fast food as a norm in your life. Think of healthy food, so that you will be wealthy and healthy.

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