Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grand Expectations in life

When it comes to grand expectations in life, it seems that children have much higher expectations. The older a person gets, the expectations get mellow until the only expectation is to wake up every month.

Children have grand expectations in life. They believe that they can do everything they want. They do not believe that they or their parents cannot do anything. They want to fly to the moon. They believe that it is possible to do so.

The funny thing is that when it comes to academic result, the grand expectations disappear. Many lazy students just aim to pass. They do not aim to be the top student in class. The grand expectations of the laziest students probably involve burning down the school.

They think that mathematics is so difficult that they give up mentally. They do not have any grand expectations in tests or examinations. It is ironical that parents have grand expectations for their kids.

So many parents foresee the day that their kids grow up and graduate from universities. They believe that their kids can study. They believe that their kids can ace the country to gain the scholarships. The grand expectations of the parents cause much stress on the children.

Many kids do not mind failing the examination. But they fear the punishment from the parents. They fear their parents banning them from watching cartoon. They do not share the grand expectations of their parents, they merely fear their parents enough to study hard.

However, when it comes to spending the money of their parents, kids have grand expectations. They expect their parents to shower gifts on them, and buy whatever they want.

The parents do not have grand expectations themselves. They just aim to survive through the work day, and spend a few hours coaching the children. They no longer have grand expectations. They put all their hope on the kids.

Life is sometimes very weird. Many uneducated parents have such grand expectations on the kids, that the kids know they can never meet up to the parental expectations.

Many educated young people do not have grand expectations in their career after working for a few years. They want a less stressful job, and want to enjoy life more. They do not feel the need to climb the corporate ladder. Some are simply too tired to have any grand expectation.

Almost everyone dreams of financial freedom. That remains a dream. They do not dare to put the dream of financial freedom down as a grand expectation, since they do not believe for a moment that they can obtain financial freedom.

An expectation is a goal. When a person has grand expectation, he will work hard to achieve it.

It’s best for each individual to set his personal grand expectation and lives up to it. It’s miserable living up to the grand expectation of another person.


  1. Somehow the kids fail to see the connection between school achievement and their goals. I don't know whose fault that is but I do feel that schools no longer seem relevant to life and success except for themselves. Parents see the old worlds where the schools were more relevant and don't see that the emperor has no clothes. The kids see it but don't know where else to turn.

  2. Hi Ralph, most kids differentiate life according to work and play. Study is work, and they try to avoid.