Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reflection on blogging

After blogging for more than six months, and interacting with many bloggers, I guess it is time to write a reflection on blogging.

Many new bloggers started blogging with a fiery passion. They could update the blogs three times a day, and spent hours decorating their blogs. Then they asked people to look at their blogs and gave suggestions to the layout and colors of the blogs.

After a first month of intense blogging, and to see that visitors from search engines never arrived, they felt that the blogging effort was wasted.

After the second month of blogging, with just a couple of posts in a week, they almost gave up on blogging.

Most new bloggers gave up blogging after two months. And their dead blogs are buried somewhere in the cyberspace’s graveyard.

Some bloggers continue blogging, with less fiery passion but with more determination. They continue blogging doggedly, and at the same time look for a way out of blogging.

Many bloggers build up their blogs to a Google Page Rank 2 and above, and then they signed up for sponsored reviews or They want to harvest from their months of blogging efforts, knowing full well that the search engines will penalize them and cut off the traffic flow to their blogs.

Many blogs die in this matter, after the blogger harvested a few hundred to a thousand dollars from their months of blogging effort.

Some bloggers do not take this route out of blogging, since they like blogging, and have pride in their blogs. They use different methods to make money from blogging. Some bloggers are not really thinking of making money from blogging, and it takes more than a year before they reach the minimum payout from Google Adsense.

Out of so many bloggers blogging in the cyber world, there is a small group of passionate bloggers with no intention of making money from blogging.

These are usually bloggers with personal blogs or religious blogs. Blogging is a passion, especially for those with religious blogs. They view blogging as a mission to share their love for God and to help fellow beings. These are the ones who are so passionate about blogging that their blogs thrive from the love and care of the bloggers.

Yet there is a group of bloggers with interest only in money making. They use PLR articles and hire writers to rewrite the PLR articles. Their interest is not in blogging. Their interest is in marketing.

They focus on affiliate marketing, and they aim to get as many traffic to their blogs as possible. Many of them use traffic exchanges, both manual and automated, to create constant flow of traffic.

In a sense, their blogs strive because of the marketing effort, rather than the blogging effort. When making money from blogging becomes an obsession, they can make big money from blogging for a long time.

I get to know some bloggers who are very passionate about blogging, and cannot imagine a day without blogging. While making money from blogging is a plus, it is not the motive for blogging.

They start blogging because they love blogging. They make money from blogging, because they provide useful information to readers, and they are able to make money from blogging.

I guess they will continue blogging even without the monetary benefits of blogging.

As for me, yes, I love blogging. However, making money from blogging is also important. Since I love blogging, and I love money, blogging to make money makes perfect sense.

As long as I can continue to do what I love most, I guess I can continue blogging for a long time, and enjoy making money from blogging for a long time as well.


  1. Yeah it seems that a lot of blogs out there are just aiming to helping people make money and a lot of them are not even making any money whatsoever themselves.

    I actually love helping people with different topics I enjoy writing about in hope that they will benefit from the knowledge I have provided them. The money can come later.

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