Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Some internet scams are plain stupidity

I receive some forms of internet scams every day in my email.

Most of the internet scams are plain stupid.  I do not know why they bother to send out such emails when nobody will believe in it.

Below is another example of stupid internet scam.  See if you really believe in such nonsense:

This is to bring to your notice that orders given by the Presidency and  the entire house of senate for the year 2013 is that my bank is the chosen bank to pay out all foreign contract/inheritance funds. My bank was ordered after meeting held in the presidential village Aso-Rock Abuja to contact and proceed with payment of your contract/inheritance Funds by informing you that the former bank in charge of your payment via ATM Card being Oceanic Bank plc, Zenith Bank,Union Bank, EcoBank, ETC is no longer in charge of this payment.
I wish to inform you that you're ($7.5M) outstanding payment has been approved and ready to be paid but we want to confirm first from you by giving you our mode of payment this arrangement was agreed between the Presidency and the Senate Committees so take note that we have 2 modes of Payment:
(1) Diplomatic Delivery: That Is Cash Payment Funds Will Be Delivered To Your Address by A Government Accredited Diplomat
(2) ATM Card Payment: An ATM Card Will Be Charged With This Amount with Limited Withdrawals per Day.
I will require you to get back to this office with your decision over a Chosen mode of payment and we will take it from there.
Your urgent response will be highly appreciated.
Yours Respectfully,
Dr. James Allen
Director Foreign Payment Department.
Fidelity Bank Plc.


  1. Thank you, your experience is quite encouraging to me. I think this is the best option for me at the moment.

  2. We'll never escape crooks trying to steal our money and trying to make it look somehow legit. In fact, they built an entire show on CNBC around that called, American Greed. It's almost as fascinating to watch how these guys do it as how many people fall victim to it.