Thursday, September 22, 2016

Attending paid seminars to meet rich and successful people

There are many paid seminars about investment and personal development.

Sometimes you will find many millionaires paying the same rate to attend the seminars.

You would think that they know all about the topics, and in fact, they may be better off than the motivational speakers.

Why do they want to pay money to attend seminars when they are so rich and successful?

There are a few reasons.

One reason is that they know they do not know everything about investment.

Another reason is that they want to meet more people who can be their partners.

Investment is always a process that requires great partners.

Nobody becomes successful without knowledge, and great partners.  Even if you just want to buy a house for rental income, you need the real estate agent, the lawyer to do the conveyancing, and the banker to approve your mortgage.

You need the insurance agent to advise you on the best renter insurance.

You need to know the tax accountant so that you know what to claim and what not to claim from tax authority.

You can meet all these people when you mingle more through paid real estate investment seminars.

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