Monday, September 19, 2016

Extreme frugality to save money

When you are making very little, you have to exercise extreme frugality to save money.

That means literally to live on the bare minimum, and to deprive yourself of everything that costs money and is not essential to life.

That means not going for any movie, and not even switches on the TV to watch any show.

Another way is to find out all the edible fruits and leaves that are available freely.

Some families have relied on road kills for meat.  That helps them to cut down on purchases of meat.  That is definitely not the way I want to save money. 

I value my health more than the money saved from buying meat.  I rather buy soup bones to get the taste of meat in my food. 

It is surprising that many people do not know that you can eat sweet potato leaves, but not potato leaves.

You can also grow carrot tops in water and harvest the leaves to cook instant ramen.

Once you have got used to the life of extreme frugality, you will definitely save some money.  This may not be the lifestyle that you will enjoy, but you will not die if you try it for a couple of weeks a year.

Even if you have money for the little luxuries in life, you can treat extreme frugality like a financial detox.

This will help you learn to live more simply, and find out how much you really miss the activities or food that you are used to.

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