Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mindset of a Gambler

Life is a gamble.  In many cases, the gambles we take in life are far riskier than a day in casino. 

In a casino, you take risk with your money and the reward is also in the form of money.  Losing money is a far acceptable risk than losing life, health, love and other bets that you place in life.

Do you remember how you meet your soul mate?  Do you remember the day that you decide to live forever with your soul mate?  Do you remember the legal commitment you make to your soul mate in the form of marriage registration?

Do you realize that is a far riskier gamble than a day at the casino?  Whether you play the poker or the slot machines, you are taking the risk for the game.  The risk ends when you leave the table or the machine.  The reward is almost instantaneous. 

You win or lose in a matter of seconds or minutes.  Either you leave the casino poorer by a few hundred dollars or richer by a few hundred, a few thousands and even a few millions dollars richer.

However when you sign on the dotted line to commit yourself to a marriage arrangement, you are taking a risk with your future.  You do not how the marriage will turn out.  You do not how many children will be affected by the outcome of the marriage.  You cannot foresee the loss or winning of such a gamble. 

In many cases, the pain of a failed marriage lasts forever.  The pain of losing a few hundred dollars in a casino lasts only a few days to a few weeks.

Casino celebrates winner.  Imagine you are the winner of the biggest jackpot in history. All the people will congratulate you.  They will treat you as if you are reincarnation of God of Fortune.   You feel like God too.  You are on the top of the world.  That is the most wonderful feeling you never ever will have again.

Your name will be permanently displayed in the casino to remind people of your existence.  Your name will appear in the newspapers for days.  Every charity will clamor for your attention.

All these happy thoughts are with you while you enjoy yourself in the casino.

What is the reward of a successful marriage?  The reward is in the form of inner satisfaction and happiness. 

There is no reporter coming to your house to interview you.  People will not celebrate your success and display your name prominently to celebrate your success in marriage. 

Gambling in a casino is fun, very fun.  It is very thrilling to watch the roulette wheel spins and comes to a stop.  You forget all the problems at home and at workplace while having so much fun in the casino.

Sustaining a marriage life is nothing so thrilling.  There are the endless plates to wash, endless dirty linen to wash and endless chores to keep the house clean.  All the endless work that you do will not even guarantee that your soul mate will love you forever.

Life is a gamble.  Enjoy taking risks in life and enjoy the rewards that may follow.  Enjoy your time in the casino and good luck to you.  

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