Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Avoid the love of money in order to get wealthy

If we can avoid the love of money, we can get very wealthy.

That means we have the means to share, and the heart to share.

Many people love money too much to think about sharing with others.

They have the love and the fear of money in them at the same time.

While they know intellectually that they are not really that poor, and that generosity brings its own rewards, they justify that they have too little to share.

This is just an excuse due to their love of money.

Many people know in their hearts that they have to invest their money wisely, and they know that they have the means to learn investing, but they fear the loss of money.

It is actually a love of money that makes them fear losing their savings.

When the loss of money is very real, then we know how much the love of money has a hold in us.

That is why we should have more faith, and learn to avoid the love of money to get wealthy.

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