Saturday, October 1, 2016

Very easy to buy travel insurance from FWD Insurance Singapore

Of all the travel insurance policies I have bought over the years, I must say that the experience with FWD Insurance Singapore is the best.

So far, I do not have any experience with making claims, so I can only talk about the buying experience.

There was a time when I bought travel experience for a group of 6 persons.

I had to collect all the travel documents, and then keyed in the data one by one, including the name, passport number, expiry date and date of birth.

It was a pain to do all the data entry.

The worst is that later on, one of the persons renewed the passport, and I had to contact the travel insurance to make amendment to the passport detail.

FWD Insurance does not require all the details except for name and IC number for all other passengers.

That makes it easy to buy group insurance.

I sure spend more time reading through the benefits and compare the three plans of travel insurance than keying in the data.

I buy for the three of us for our week-long trip to Thailand.

As of today, the 10% discount coupon is still valid.  The coupon code is FWDST10.

On top of that, a simple survey yields another 5% discount.

After I have made the payment, FWD creates my account automatically.  That means when I want to buy more policies, I do not have to key in my personal data again.

You may check out FWD Singapore to get quotation for travel insurance, car insurance, and term life insurance.

Update on 3 October 2016:

FWD customer officer calls me to ask if I have received the policy details sent by email.  She also asks if I have clicked on the link to login to my account.

As this account login is important in the event of claims, it is good of FWD Singapore to get a customer service officer to call.

As of now, I am very happy that I have chosen to buy the travel insurance from them.

Up to date, none of the other insurers have ever followed up with a call after I purchased the travel insurance.

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