Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Life cycle investing is not for everyone

If you talk to any of the professional advisors, they will tell you about the life cycle investing.

They will say that a young person should invest aggressively.  That means most of their money in the stock market.

An old person should have very little or zero asset in the stock market.  An old person should have the money in bond or in cash.

This is the famous life cycle investing.

However, this life cycle investing is not for everyone.

Imagine asking Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and all the rich and famous to park their money in bond or cash just because they are old.

Life cycle investing is the message sent by the investment world of experts, but you have to make conscious decisions for your own investing decisions.

That is not to say that you reject the concept.  Many people do the exact opposite.

They dare not invest in the stock market because they think it is risky.

When they reach middle age, and with little knowledge, and a lot of greed, they enter the stock market.

They lose out big.  They wipe out 20 years of saving due to their greed.

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