Monday, November 7, 2016

The bank is willing to help you get richer

Banks are willing to help you get richer even though most of us think that the banks help rich people get richer.

That is the reality.

The reason is that the poor people do not want to know and learn about the different services of the bank to get rich.

As a result, the rich are the ones who make full use of the banks.

They know to get advice by asking their bankers.

The poor does not even want to ask the bankers, because they do not trust the bankers or they think they know everything. 

You never see the poor people approaching the banker when they want to buy house.  They never think that bankers can help them find the best value house in the area they want. 

Even though the bankers have a selfish interest in whatever answer they give you, most of the times they give good advice.

They know that it is important to make their customers richer so that they have repeated business.

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