Wednesday, February 22, 2017

North Korea will disrupt world peace

Sooner or later, North Korea will create a major disaster for the world.

The assassination of Kim Jong Nam shows that China does not have insider information in North Korea.

It came as much as a surprise to China as the rest of the world.

The testing of the missile so near to China is another indication that North Korea no longer views China as a friend.

Perhaps North Korea has the ambition to start a war and conquer as much territory as possible.

Fat boy dictator Kim Jong-Un has apparently killed off many North Koreans who had a warm relationship with China.

After the execution of his uncle, Kim Jong-Un has reportedly executed more than 300 senior officials for offences such as bad attitude.

There is no doubt that situation will escalate.

Fat boy Kim Jong-Un is still young, and appears war-ready.

If war erupts, many people will die.  North Korea will not hesitate to use its nuclear weapon.

If China or other countries manage to overthrow Kim Jong-Un and installs a new ruler in North Korea, many North Koreans will die as a result of the crash between those who are loyal to Kim Jong-Un and those who want him dead.

No matter what happens, world peace will be disrupted.

The question is for how long and how devastating the situation will be.

There is also no doubt that gold price will reach record high and stock markets, especially in Asia, will crash all the way down.

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