Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Best way to find great dividend stocks

There is a very simple way to find great dividend stocks in the stock market of your country.

You can go to the stock market and find the news or announcement section.

You can search for dividend declaration. 

If you find a company that pays an average market dividend this year, you can go backward for five years.

This will allow you to see if the dividends are really good or volatile in nature.

Before you decide to buy the stock, make sure you check the current price too.

Let us suppose that you find a great company that pays 40 cents dividend this year, and average of 38 cents for past five years, you can see that you have found a good dividend stock.

The dividend payment is consistent.

If the current share price is $4 per share, that means you get a dividend yield of 10%.

When you check the recent price movement, you see that the lowest point in the past month happens when the price is just $3.50.

You may decide to wait till the share price is less than $3.80.

That will increase your dividend yield if the dividend retains at 40 cents per year.

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